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Case Studies

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Mind over Matter

Everyone struggles with some form of anxiety from time to time. Despite many services available to help, people still struggle. This suggest there is a lack of understanding for the importance of managing stress as well as a lack of accessible resources.


Fall Obsession

Fall Obsession is an outdoor media production company and promotion agency.  They would like to explore re-designing their current website with a prototype that exhibits innovative and fresh UI and UX ideas that will improve their users' experience.


Rhythm & Rhyme

A startup company launched a media product two years ago. It is a freemium experience for both iOS and Android. They now need to design an experience that will allow users to subscribe and pay a monthly fee.

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PostUp wants to make it easer for freelancers and work from home individuals to find public spaces to work. The goal is to make it easier to find these places while also satisfying the users needs. 

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My name is Abbey and I am a digital media designer with a passion for creating stunning visuals that captivate audiences. With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, I bring a unique perspective to every project.

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